"Puzzle Monkeys packs some surprisingly unique mechanics into a fun little budget-priced package" - Nintendo Life

"the controls are rather clever and responsive." - Pure Nintendo

"it’s a surprisingly good game" - Nintendo Enthusiast

"where Puzzle Monkeys shows its brilliance, is in the way that the game allows you to destroy blocks that are falling by pressing buttons on the touch screen." -


Puzzle Monkeys is an affordable puzzle game in the style of the classics like Dr. Mario but provides a unique control scheme by combining the Wii U GamePad buttons and touchscreen. Online leaderboards to see where you rank among the worlds best scores!

  • $1.49
  • Two unique modes of play
  • Adjustable difficulty settings to suit your style of play
  • Off TV play
  • Online leaderboards
  • Unlockable Advanced mode!

Out now on the North American and EU Nintendo Wii U eShop!

OUT NOW on the Nintendo eshop For wii U  $1.49

$1.49 on the 

Nintendo Eshop