"Epic Dumpster Bear is a mashup of all your favourite platformers" - Nintendo Life

"mixes great music and tight platforming with a hilariously dumb story" - Destructoid

"quite a solid platformer, that packs a good amount of content as well" - Pure Nintendo


"An evil corporation destroyed his forest, forcing him to eat dumpster food to survive. Now it's his turn to take out the trash." 

Epic Dumpster Bear is an action packed platforming game inspired by the 16-bit classics.  Over 70 levels filled with tricky platforming, challenging bosses, and secret exits to be discovered.

  • Classic platforming action
  • Smooth gameplay and tight control
  • 7 worlds and over 70 levels to complete
  • Off TV play
  • Bonus levels that take advantage of the Wii U GamePad
  • Unlockable Miiverse Stamps

Out now on the North American and EU Nintendo Wii U eShop!


$5.00 On the Nintendo eshop ​

Epic Dumpster Bear