"Epic Dumpster Bear 1.5 DX: Dumpster Fire Rebirth" Launching April 2024 on Switch, PS4/PS5 and Steam.

An Evil Corporation destroyed his forest, now it's his turn to take out the trash..... again

After Edmonton was destroyed in the aftermath of "Epic Dumpster Bear 2" Dumpster Bear travels back in time to save the future. Evil Canadian Prime Minister Jack Brian has kidnapped Dumpster Bear's past self and only Dumpster Bear can save himself AND Alberta from certain doom.

"Epic Dumpster Bear 1.5 DX" injects the play control and mechanics from "Epic Dumpster Bear 2" into remixed levels from the indie cult classic "Epic Dumpster Bear" creating a brand new epic adventure of 2D retro platformer goodness. The new blueberry powerup introduces speed as never seen before to help dumpster bear collect every level's speedrunning medal.

Containing a brand new story, new honey and blueberry powerups and exhilarating 3D bonus levels, "Epic Dumpster Bear 1.5 DX" is the dumpster themed gaming event of the decade.

-Buttery Smooth 60fps performance and excellent, responsive play control
-7 worlds of platforming goodness
-3D sphere bonus levels bring Dumpster Bear into the third dimension
-Secret Exits to be discovered and challenging bonus levels to be unlocked
-Complete original "Epic Dumpster Bear: Dumpster Fire Redux" game included as a bonus


​ $4.99 on Switch, PS4/PS5, and Steam