"Those who enjoy Epic Dumpster Bear's humour will surely have a good time with JankBrain"

"If you’re looking for a fun 2D action-platformer with lots of collectibles to find and a good one to speedrun, then JankBrain is a good option" -


JankBrain is out for world domination!  Using his massive intellect, JankBrain wants to control the earth by taking over the world's economy.  Inspired by 16 bit run and gun platformers of the 90s, JankBrain must tackle over 55 challenging levels including mine cart, rocket pack, and boss battles. Discover secret exits and compete for speedrun medals as you play!

  • Creamy yet firm 60 fps gameplay
  • Secret Exits and Speedrun medals
  • Challenging Boss fights
  • Cinematics exploring JankBrain's quest to take over the world!

Out now on Nintendo SwitchPS4 and Steam for $4.99